Real Christmas Trees

Choosing a Christmas tree is fun and marks the start of the festivities for many people. The smell of a real tree instantly brings Christmas into your home. The Nunhead Gardener have a range of different types of trees from the small to very large impressive real Christmas trees (8ft plus trees can be arranged by special order). We have sourced the best quality sustainable trees, which cannot be beaten on quality.


If you decide to choose a cut Christmas tree, think of it in the same way you would fresh flowers.

Cut Christmas tree care: cut at least 2 inches of the bottom of the tree and give it a good drink of water by standing it in a bucket or a good quality Christmas tree stand. Ideally keep it in water when decorated and check the water levels each day.

Keep topped up with water at all times. Our range of tree stands with their built in reservoirs are perfect for this. Do not place your tree near a direct source of heat and you should be enjoying a fine looking tree throughout the festive season.


Nordman Fir
All our cut trees are Nordman Fir.  Nordman Firs have become the most popular variety of Christmas tree. This Christmas tree variety features strong, layered branches and a full symmetrical shape. Popular for it's long, soft, dark green “no-drop” needles. They are the best choice for young families or those with pets.

We can deliver your Christmas tree free of charge within the local neighbourhood.

2ft Cut Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree [Abies Nordmanniana]


3ft Cut Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree [Abies Nordmanniana]

4ft Cut Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree [Abies Nordmanniana]



5ft Cut Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree [Abies Nordmanniana]



6ft Cut Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree [Abies Nordmanniana]



7ft Cut Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree [Abies Nordmanniana]



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